Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Race Is On

It's official. Hillary Clinton is going to test the Presidential waters. You will note her web site now is bannered "Hillary for President" and the home page announcement is "I'm in".

Frankly, I thought she might not run. I thought she may come to the conclusion that she has 20 years to be a Senator of substance as opposed to a potential 8 years in the White House.

Her first obstacle is Oback Barama. He also announced his intent to test the Presidential waters. I think Obama is a real rising star on the Democrat horizon. Articulate, attractive, controlled and with some interesting ides. Consultant Susan Estrich has written a piece pointing out he is no younger than Bill Clinton was when he ran, and Obama actually has more years in elected office than Hillary does. But to me he lacks the national "gravitas".

She's clearly an early favorite. I'm not sure either is the best choice. New Mexico's Bill Richardson has always intrigued me, although I don't know if he's the guy. This should be the Democrat's year and we need the right man or woman to be in front. We don't need a repeat of Kerry.

The race is on.

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