Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's Time To Come Home

There was no surprise. President Bush announced plans for "The Surge"--an additional 20,000 American troops to Iraq.

When you hear or read the word "surge", remember to interpret that as "escalation".

I was pleased to see the President acknowledge--years too late--that the Iraq war plan isn't working. I just wish he had actually proposed a new one. The latest administration proposal is simply "give us more men and some more time and we'll keep doing door-to-door and see if we can figure something out".

Enough, is enough, Mr. President. We never should have been in the war to begin with. But now it's time to get out. All of the reasons you told us we needed to go are gone:

*There are no Weapons of Mass Destruction
*Salaam is out of power, and dead
*The Iraqi people now have control over their own destiny with a democratically elected government
*There is no imminent threat to America from any terrorist activity in Iraq

We gave the Iraqi's a new country. Now it's their job to manage it. We have a real war on terror to battle elsewhere, Mr. President, and our own people have a lot of problems that could use your attention.

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