Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Keep Your Promises--no matter how small

It is, as a practical matter, no big deal.

But as a symbolic gesture, it is important.

And it has me steamed.

The Democrats have promised a "new day" in Congress. They have said it is time to stop the junkets and jockeying for cash contributions. Time to buckle down to work. And one "symbol" of the change was a return to a 5 day work week.

Now, let me be clear, I understand that Members of Congress do a lot of work off the floor. Time in the office or with constituents is vital. I know that just because they aren't standing behind those historic desks in the Rotunda, they are not goofing off.

But the Democrats said when they took over it would be a 5 day work week.

And it didn't last a week. Not one single week.

Monday, the House was not in session. And the reason was football. OSU-Florida in the national championship game. Big game, indeed. But the SYMBOLISM is disgusting. Members of Congress couldn't keep their pledge to work a full week for a single week--so they could watch football.

Symbols and image are important. It may indeed be true that there is no practical difference in starting a 100-hour clock Monday or Tuesday. But it is already a broken promise.

Is it any wonder the public is disgusted?

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