Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Know The Goal

The role of government is NOT to make money. Nor to save money. It is do DO THINGS.

I have said this over and over, and I need to remind you of it again.

In West Virginia, a legislative audit report says the artisan center Tamarack is not making money. There is talk about changing the way it's run or even closing it.

What a pail of hog wash!

Tamarack was created to give West Virginia artists a place to sell their wares. A way to preserve the cultural heritage of our Mountain art. And a way to present that to the world. Tamarack does just that. A hundred artisans congregated in Charleston to make that point this week. Tamarack admirably does what it was created to do--it supports West Virginia arts and artisans. If that means the state needs to subsidize it, so be it.

Government is supposed to DO THINGS for the common good.

And success or failure is almost never measured in dollars and cents.

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