Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I had planned to write my own small analysis of what The President said in his State of the Union speech; and I began the evening with my yellow pad and fountain pen keeping notes. But as the speech went on I learned something about myself.

I continue to gain a much greater appreciation of what went on in the Clinton years. I thought those who spent so much time sniping at Clinton..name calling, nit picking....were just a bunch of sore losers. That they just weren't willing to open their eyes and minds to look at what he was doing or deal with the real issues but just had a basic hatred of the man.

Watching tonight's speech I realize that I have the exact same feelings (in reverse). I simply can't stand this man (Bush). I disagree with his policies, I think he is uncaring about the average American or the impact of his policies. I think he lives in a rarified world and doesn't know or care that he does. He is arrogant, cocky, smarmy. He is willing to break the law when he wants to and dare anyone to challenge him. Cindy Sheehan gets arrested but HIS dead soldier's mom gets a place of honor. It's disgusting.

There may have been something worthwhile within the speech but I couldn't find it because I can't stand the man. It's visceral.

It is a revelation to me. I'm certainly not "proud" of it....but there it is.


Anonymous said...

It's sad to see a man your age(50+)
filled with so much anger and hate.

Anonymous said...

Go Bush ! Loved the speech. Finally a Pres that will stand up and sock it to those that wish to do us harm. How many of us have thought in the back of our minds, we should just level Iraq...pave it and paint yellow lines, all to make the worlds largest parking lot? Sound stupid? I bet noone would mess with us anymore. Hell put up a walmart afterwords just to upset Kellas. :-)