Tuesday, April 25, 2006


OK. First, the qualifiers and disclaimer: I don't think kids should be boozing it up. I know that underage drinking is against the law.

But I still think Wheeling Jesuit University was out of line when they called the cops on a group of their own students. Most of the kids, apparently WERE of legal age. Proper care had been taken to make sure no one was drinking and driving (they rented BUSSES, for heaven's sake). The University itself was holding a "Last Blast" party on campus.

Sounds to me like sour grapes. Here were some students who wanted to have some OFF-CAMPUS fun. Handled it safely with careful planning. Yet the University had to send in the gendarmes.

IF--and it's a big IF in my mind--WJU felt the party was so bad it had to be stopped, they should have taken responsibility themselves. They saw the ad on the internet. Could have called the organizing student in and called the whole thing off. Suspended him if that fits with University policy.

But calling the cops. Come on.

And isn't there something more important 10 Wheeling cops could have been doing on a Saturday night than standing on 12th Street breath testing a bunch of kids WHO HAD A SAFE RIDE HOME ANYWAY?

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