Saturday, January 21, 2006


When the future of the Democratic Party seemed so shaky in the early '90s that even I suggested we nominate George HW Bush for President and then just fight for the VP, Bill Clinton came along to blaze a different trail.

And with him came Paul Begalla and James Carville to help hone his campaign strategy and themes (remember "It's the Economy, Stupid"?) And Clinton became the most successful Dem on the national stage literally in a generation.

Now with the Party of the Working Man again in turnoil, The "ragin' cajun" has hit the nail directly on its head once again.

Bill Clinton's colorful campaign advisor has a new book that is saying much of what I have been saying about the problems with the democrats.

Paul Rodriguez of the conservative web site has a really concise analysis of Carville's arguments and I highly recommend you look it over.

A few key items:
* Too many dems still think it's enough to just "hate the GOP"
* Democrats have a laundry list of issues and ideas, but not defining "narrative" that truly explains what they stand for
* Democrats should look at adopting a theme of "Progressive Patriotism", in Carville's words "wrap themselves in the the Republicans".
* Stop the "pillow fighting"....don't be swayed so much by power that you will do anything to keep it instead of fighting for change

There's much more, and it's just excellent thinking!

You've heard me say for years that my party is in disarray. We are truly the party of America and the party of the People, yet we have let the GOP define us and denigrate us and we have done little to help our own cause.

If only party leaders--or potential leaders--would listen to Carville and Begalla---again.

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