Friday, July 21, 2006

She will be missed

When I feel stressed and overworked, I often take a minute to think of Kathy Fortunato. There is no one I know who was able to juggle more balls, manage more matters, and do it all with a smile, than Kathy. Her family always came first, but community, church, and charity were never far behind.

Kathy Fortunato passed away this week. A friend and former colleague, Kathy suffered a sudden stroke over the weekend and died Tuesday morning at the all-too-young age of 46.

Our tremendous sympathy, support, and prayers go to her family--Dr. Mike and the kids--as well as her extended family in the community.

From medical matters--(Health Right, The Medical Society)-and politics (Ohio County GOP Chair, a personal mention from the President)--
to The Chamber of Commerce (executive committee) community events (Chair of the Sternwheeler Festival)
and her church,
Kathy was deeply involved in every aspect of our community.

She will be missed.

Sleep softly, sweet lady. You done good.

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Kenny Crow said...

The thing I will fortunately remember about Kathy Fortunato is when she was working for W.V.L.Y., Kathy had a Trivia game on, I won,I had to ,go to get my Grayhound tickets. Kathy came walking out to give me tickets,I won,Kathy said,you got a What Would Jesus DO? Braclet on,and it in blue,I never did see one that color. Kenny Crow